I’m trying my hardest to finish up my upcoming record these days, which will contain quite a few songs from this blog and some new ones. I had some idea that I was gonna make a lot of uptempo songs, but the more mid-tempo stuff keeps comming out – I’m a midtempo kinda guy I guess. Maybe it’s because I’m getting lost in some new synths I’ve acquired recently, most probably it’s because I like my voice better on the slower stuff.


It’s been going a little slower with the blog lately as several other projects are comming to a close this month. Nation of Astronauts will be out in a month and I have also been crazy busy with a new project, yet to be named, with the old niepoort gang, Janus Dyg and Peter Binau, which is sounding promising and kinda upbeat – some sort of krautpop thing with a tinge of dub and afro – basically a cookdown of what we have been digging for the last 10 years or so. It’s very tight and controlled and is possibly the best sounding recorded tracks I have ever captured. That alone doesn’t make a great song of course, but it’s a real victory to finally nail that drumsound you’ve been trying to get for a long as you remember.  My plan is to mess it up though…..with insane amounts of bitcrusher…I just haven’t told the guys yet.






On another note, I have cleaned up a small spare room I have in my apartment and plan to install my old four track recorder, a crappy drum maschine and a couple of effects. For the last couple of years I have been writing a lot of small folk snippets, mellow folk type of stuff and I was thinking to record them at night in this small intimate space, where even a whisper can seem loud – back to how I started  – I’ll be flooding instagram with low lit mood pics, and brand new retro clothes :-)  Recently I have been collaborating with people on other projects, where we have recorded backing vocals over skype (for real) and lead vocals on an iphone, so there is definitely something to be said about just getting the take down, instead of waiting for the perfect moment in the studio with the perfect gear and all.

But first things first, so it’s back to the blog album, which has the tentative working title U.R.O ( uro means mobile in danish, as in Calder mobile )….One thing at a time right. Here is a track list so far



Mountains for sale


My morning routine

Misty morning


A japanese walk

Electone Kerala

This is your world





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