Tangerine Mk1

Tangerine Mk1




Tangerine, tangerine, I am bursting at my seems

When will you appear to get me out of here

Tangerine, tangerine, you are all that I am not

But you should know, that I don’t feel

That I’m cornered in your dream


We set out in pairs, but we don’t return together

We call out, arms out, wide open, Tangerine


Mr. Green Mr. Green, you are pretty and obscene

But you lie to make you bigger, I am cornered in your dream

You are false, you are false, like a friend that never calls

Gotta get it straight, Gotta get it right


Animal lie down and sleep


Tangerine, tangerine, I am entering your dream

It’s that house we never built, so warm, so sane

Why’d you wait, why’d you wait, why’d you wait to coax me in

There’s a chair in the corner, and you’re waiting at the bar


Animal lie down and sleep