Since completing “Elusive dream” , we’ve been busy busy. Unfortunately not updating this blog, but making music, re arranging the studio, generally exploring different things. This song came about after I lifted the rhythmic feel of a mode selector song and came across an 0ld floppy disc for my Ensoniq EPS 16 + sampler named…MIAMI BRASS :-) I played the song for Peter and he felt it needed an extra section – finally the song ended up as a typical attempt at doing something a bit upbeat…I’ve been trying for years, although critical voices may think I should stick to my moody guns and just do something slow and beautiful , I actually  wrote this song because I thought it could be fun to write a song that would be fun to play LIVE – I never write like that, with such a specific purpose or goal in mind, but it was a good exercise…and lets face it, a lot of art starts out as an exercise or a pastiche, before it’s twisted into something personal.

The lyric is about finding comfort in someones well chosen words, as simple as they may be, sometimes it’s just what you need to hear. As for the production of the song I got totally into the details and the nitty gritty of the song – something I had actually promised myself I wouldn’t do with this blog, but HEY…many lessons were learned and learning new stuff is fun right. The video is basically a run through/test of various video effects, just trying to learn the basics of video editing…fun stuff  – I do have a ton of neat ideas for videos, but most of them seem either to complex or elaborate, basically not very do-able. Gotta do something about that, gotta find my inner minimalist. The argentinian graphic artist Nicolas Paparella was kind enough to lend me some animation footage of his, so I could carry out my experiments. The animation bits (red graphical) were done as an exercise by him, trying to recreate a concert visual he had seen at a U2 concert…:-) not too shabby if you ask me. Anyhow, it was very kind of him and you can check out more of his stuff at www.behance.net/nicolaspaparella

chasing the minimalist dragon!