13770517_10154351285162743_3284100173274146558_n diary of a creative nomad or forced imperfection?

Greetings! so glad you made it in here. This webpage is going to serve as a musical diary and experimental platform for a little while. I’ll be posting new songs and musical escapades every other week or so….give or take – putting them out there as they are made. These are exciting times for me and the band of merry pranksters lurking in the chaotic halls of our music studio, The Keiner Niemand Facility , with a ton of different projects and collaborations coming together this period – I’m looking forward to sharing some ElectrofolkyipadiR&RdubskytangoProgpunkrock madness……or just a simple little pop song.

If you want to get in touch with me or just want a photo of me smiling (there are many) you can reach me at info(at)niepoort.net




Gustav Niepoort