a mannequin a ghost

Here is the next song, a mannequin a ghost. This song rose from the ashes of another project that hit an uninspected dead end a couple of weeks back. There was some shouting and general bad vibes which inspired the mood and lyrics of this song. Determined to get something out of the studio session gone sour, I jammed along with Peter and we recorded a basic track, then wrote some lyrics in a matter of minutes, did the vocal take…and that was it.┬áJanus came down to the studio that same evening and put down the drums and the horn arrangement was added a couple of days later.

I just love when things flow quickly and effortlessly. Having always spend way too much time on songs, I have in recent years come to understand the beauty of working fast, embracing mistakes and the spur of the moment – I guess that is what this blog is all about, I feel it’s helping me in hitting a stride, a flow and staying there. Coincidently the accompanying video is my first ever…so be kind towards my out of sync pixelshow:-)


rough diamonds!

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