exit strategy – drive along

exit strategy drive along

gustav looks up on skype

The Soft Descent



the FROGG guitar synth!



  I’m trying my hardest to finish up my upcoming record these days, which will contain quite a few songs from this blog and some new ones. I had some idea that I was gonna make a lot of uptempo songs, but the more mid-tempo stuff keeps comming out – I’m a midtempo kinda guy …


my morning routine

Artist: niepoort
  • my morning routine
2013-10-05 20.40.07

Misty Morning

Artist: niepoort
  • Misty Morning

Nation Of Astronauts

Artist: Nation of Astronauts
  • Apollo
  • chocolate hill
  • man the motorcade


Waves by niepoort – I thought it could be fun to write a song that would be fun to play LIVE


5 is the new 4

Artist: niepoort
  • 5 is the new 4 sketch

a mannequin a ghost

Here is the next song, a mannequin a ghost. This song rose from the ashes of another project that hit an uninspected dead end a couple of weeks back. There was some shouting and general bad vibes which inspired the mood and lyrics of this song. Determined to get something out of the studio session …


I just finished making a trombone arrangement for a new song….done on my phone:-) sounds great! I’m just in love with the whole concept of apps for music making – blows my mind. The song is called “a mannequin, a ghost” and should be up in a few days and I’m really looking forward to …



Welcome to the blog! The first song, Mountains for sale, IS UP! This webpage is going to serve as a musical diary and experimental platform for a little while. I’ll be posting new songs and musical escapades every other week or so….give or take – putting them out there as they are made. These are …